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A (mini) design sprint is an effective process to break a communication challenge: in a four-day pressure cooker, we work together as a multidisciplinary team and find a validated strategy to tackle whatever issue you and your team might have.

How we work

Day 1

Through intensive brainstorming, we can define your exact challenge and formulate possible solutions. 

Day 2

We explore the formats together, and by outweighing all pros and cons we select the most viable method to develop further.

Day 3

While you have time-off, our team designs and builds an interactive, realistic, and ready to be tested prototype.

Day 4

We verify assumptions through testing among real users, your users, and provide you with a concrete step-by-step plan that is guaranteed to work.
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“This workshop took us through our paces in a highly engaging and interactive session, with plenty of tangible takeaways.”

Kim Hartog, research and development at War Child

We offer a range of different workshops, standardized and custom made. All consisting of a series of exercises in which we work together (in person or digitally) to find clarity, creativity and strategy in any stage of a project.

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